Class of 2020 Kente Graduation Stoles Are Available!

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We are several weeks into the Spring semester.  That means that graduation is only a few short months away.  Now is the time to order your graduation stole.  Midwest Global Group offers both standard stoles and custom stoles. Standard stoles are stoles that we keep in stock.  They are available now for immediate shipping.  When ordering a standard stole, you order them as they are stocked without any customization.  On the other hand, custom stoles are stoles that you design.  We do not carry custom stoles in stock.  Any change to a standard stole, even if the change appears to be a minor change, would make the stole a custom stole.

All our standard stoles are available on our website.  Ordering is easy.  Because these stoles are in stock, we ship within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of receipt of your order and payment.

We have 50 different options in our selection of standard Kente stoles all of which were handmade in Ghana, West Africa.  The stoles include Class of 2020 stoles, organizational and departmental stoles, symbol only stoles, Greek letter stoles, religious and choir stoles, and double weave stoles.

Class of 2020 Kente Symbolic Stoles. Each of the stoles features a symbol such as an Ashanti stool, key of success, or scales of justice, along with the words “Class of 2020.”  There are 8 stoles in our collection of Kente Symbolic Stoles: AF3, AF6, AF7, AF9, AF10, AF14, AF15, and AF20.  Our collection of Class of 2020 symbolic stoles also includes a “Black Grads Matter”  stole, a “Black Lawyers Matter” stole, and a “BLSA” stole.

Organizational and Departmental Kente Stoles.  Our collection of organizational and departmental stoles includes options to celebrate how much you appreciate the part an organization or department played in your educational experience.  The stoles in this standard collection feature the name of the organization or department.  Some of the stoles also have symbols, while others have blank panels.  There are 10 standard stoles in this collection, and the organizations and departments represented include: Student Support Services, McNair Scholars (3 options), TRiO, Upward Bound, AVID, TRiO SSS (2 options), and African American Studies.

Symbol Only Kente Stoles.  As part of our collection of standard stoles, we offer 15 Kente stoles with symbols only and no text.  Customers are drawn to these stoles because of the beauty of the symbols and the strong message that the symbols convey.  To learn about the meanings of the symbols, click here

Greek Letter Kente Stoles. Because for many students Greek life is a significant part of their college experience, we offer 11 different Greek letter stoles as standard options. 

Religious and Choir Kente Stoles. As part of our standard collection, we offer stoles with religious symbols, names of church denominations, and choir symbols. While these stoles can be used for graduation, they are also appropriate for church and choir use.   There are 16 options in this collection.

Double Weave Kente. Double weave Kente stoles are stoles that have the same pattern on both the front and the back. These stoles feature various traditional patterns and no blank panels.  The stoles do not have symbols or letters.  There are 5 options.



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