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Stole Symbol Meanings ...

 Item Code/Symbol

Symbol Meaning
D1, D2, D4, D5, D7, D9, D15, D16, D19, D20, D22, D27, KSA, KSE, KSF, KSG, KSH, KSI, TL5, TL9, B1-B11-Ashanti Stool As a symbol of nationhood, and because if contains the Soul of the Ashanti (Asante), people of Ghana. The Golden Stool is considered to be so sacred that no person whatsoever is allowed to sit upon it. It is kept with the strictest security and precaution; and is taken outside only on exceptionally grand occasions. Never must it come in contact with the earth or the ground.
D14, D18, AF2, AF4, TL2-Sankofa Symbol of positive reversion and revival
D29, D36, TL4-Ahnk Symbol of Life
D12, AF8, TL10 , KSC, KSJ, KSL, B2RH09, B6RH09-Dweninimmen (Ram's Horn) Symbol of humility and strength, wisdom and learning.
AF6, AF10, JM2, JM4, JM6, JM8, JM10, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15 Diamond-wealth and riches; Key-success; Ashanti Stool
AF3-Scales of Justice Symbol of Justice
D17, D24, D28, D31, D34, AF5, TL1-Gye Nyame Symbol of the Omnipotence of God
TL3, TL8 Key of Success
AF1, KSB, TL7-Nyansapow (Wisdom Knot) Symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience
AF7, TL11 Siamese crocodile symbol represents democracy and unity in diversity.
KSD-Nyame Dua Symbol of Perpetual Existence
AF9, JM1, JM3, JM5, JM7, JM9-Nea onnim no sua a, ohu Knowledge, lifelong education and continued quest for knowledge
AF11-Hwe Mu Dua Symbol of examination and quality control
SS16 Diamond-Symbol of wealth and riches
B1-B12 Symbol of Royalty

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